Monday, December 29, 2008

The Heathen I Was!

Can I just say I wasn't always this blathering Bible thumper?

I was a "regular" person who just believed in God, but thought it was someone else's job to spread the Word. And I didn't need to read the Bible or go to church. That's for those maniacs who don't have lives to live.

My transformation started 3 years ago when I got a new job. It was encouraged by a very stressful financial situation which, to this day, gives me heart palpitations when I let it. Through daily meditations, a new church and a Bible study class by Beth Moore that knocked my socks off, I've landed here.

But before here, I was like everyone else. It's funny how things I used to tolerate and not think twice about (crude jokes, nasty pictures) now hold absolutely no interest for me. I prefer not to hear the joke, be part of the conversation or see the pictures. I simply turn them off. However, I don't judge others who don't feel the same. Judging others is a distraction I'm turning away from.

So I don't care what your blog is about. I appreciate that everyone can be depressed and need some support. Life is way too hard to do it on my own. I need others and I hope that I can also support other people. Here's to getting through life leaning on each other... and God.


  1. "...The old has gone, the new has come, he is a new creation!" (2 Cor. 5:17).
    Thank God for that!
    And thank goodness for other brothers and sisters in Christ to lean on :)

  2. The bottom-line: Kindness. This is what Jesus would do. He didn't turn away the prostitute; he protected her, from those who were throwing stones. In the church, he threw out the money-changers. On the street, he gave a helping hand to the needy, the homeless, the infirm, and the mentally handicapped.

    How we move through life is a choice. We can close our eyes..and, yet, isn't it better to embrace our darker nature. Eventually, what is Good & what is bad, settle within us. We ignore at our own peril; and, isn't "ignorance" a form of the word...

    ..So much of our disdain, is born of ignorance. Intolerance, is a curse to be overcome.

    In 2009, we are grateful for charity shown those in dire straights.

    Your tolerance of your relatives jokes & crudities is something born of love.

    And, I'll say it again: Your message is as relevant as mine.

    We are, all of us on this Planet, at this Time,
    Closer than we know.

    Happy New Year.