Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Psalm of Lament

I'm currently attending a bible study about the Book of Psalms. The assignment this week is reading some of the psalms of lament and praying them for ourselves.

I wrote this psalm based on Psalms 44, 74 & 79. Keep in mind that I modeled it purposely with the Old Testament spin of asking "Why" instead of "What?" (When Jesus came, he changed our relationship with God to more of a Father/child which means we ask "What;" as in "What am I supposed to be learning?" ) I thought about changing my psalm, but I think the whys are more relatable because that's what I ask when I'm truly lamenting. And this just proves that when I'm feeling overwhelmed and desperate, I'm seperated from God. When I start asking "Why" it really is time to pray; to get back under God's shield.

God, you have performed great miracles for the Israelites and in my lifetime I have felt Your hand pull me through many moments. It is only through You that I succeed.

But now you have brought hardship into my life that overwhelms and scares me. You've humbled me by making me realize my weaknesses and my ineptitude. I know my heart turned away and my feet slipped. I gave up on Your love and thought I could survive without You. Now I've learned how much I need You.

Why do you reject me, O God? Please remember me and do not reject me forever. Do not forget my misery. Rise up and help me. Redeem me with Your unfailing love.

My situation tempts me and I try to resist, but I sometimes slip. I struggle with my inabilities and my lack of faith. How long will you allow me to be tempted and stressed by this? You've given me miraculous signs in the past and I wait for them now.

Why do you hold back your right hand? Take if from the folds of your garment and help me. You, God, bring salvation upon the earth. You created the earth; you established the sun and the moon. You alone have the power to save me.

Please don't allow me to be without your grace; I will praise your name and give glory to You.

How long, O Lord, will you be angry with me? How long will you discipline me? When will I learn your lesson and be done with this stress? Why should I have to cry, "Where is my God?"

Help me, O God my Savior, for the glory of your name. Deliver me and atone for my sins for your name's sake. Save me from my situation and I will praise you forever. I will share Your saving grace to my children and their children and to all who read my words.

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